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Alice Fortson — Easton, Pennsylvania

Her and my husband went to high school together and reconnected on Facebook of all things. He didn’t want me going to PA with him one weekend and now I see why. She knew that he is married and still hooked up with him. She even came to a hotel that he paid for so they could spend the weekend together 30 minutes from me. I’m pretty sure he had a lot to do with it as well seeing how he lied to me for years, but what woman gets together with a man that is married? They sent each other text’s at all hours of the day and night which just made my suspicion grow every day.

I found things out and I called the hotel that they were staying at and busted him. Just goes to show that these s***s will go after anything that walks. Little does she know every time he comes to visit we still hook up. I do it out of spite and one day she will find out what a loser they both are. What she did is ruin my family. Just be careful PA this one might steal your man too.

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