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Alex Crumpler — Little Rock, Arkansas

Alex Crumpler gets every guy she f***s name or initials tattooed on her body. She’s got one dude’s name in ink who never f****d her, but tipped her good at Sensations, she used to jerk him off in the club. They shut down another club she sold p***y out of, shut the doors. She’s a walking, talking, inky mess, but she’s learning to spell and just found out she misspelled one guy’s initials, got them backward.

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  1. She’s thinking about getting another tattoo on her arm, DADDY. He’s the first one who ever spanked her and she liked it, can’t get enough, wants more.

  2. Sucking d**k for tattoos really adds up to an inky mess, just look at Alex, a dirty b***h who sleeps with married cheaters for whatever sh can get out of them. She strips and has been kicked out of several clubs for freelancing in the parking lot.

  3. I was heading into the club and Alex was getting out of a car, rearranging her clothes and looking around the parking lot for her next paying customer, she doesn’t charge a cover to get in the car. Getting undressed is very expensive time wise, unzipping is much quicker and you can save some money to see the strippers inside and have a drink.

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