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There's no reason to cheat! If you're not happy or sexually satisfied with your other half. Instead, report a do the right thing and end the relationship!

Married men, if you made your vows, honor and respect yourself enough to keep them! Do not let yourself become an article in "Homewrecker Men".

Tom Cecil — Sevierville, Tennessee

He is going to die a lonely old man Tom. No one will trust you because you’re insensitive, manipulative, and the biggest liar and cheater most have ever met. I feel so bad for you. So incredibly sympathetic for you. I never want to see you, speak to you or hear your name again for I won’t have anything but pity for you. I caught him in bed having s*x with a man 27 years older then him. If you think you’re alone now only imagine in ten years when you’re middle aged and have nothing to show for your life. You had women, and good ones who most men only dream about making their every wish come true, for you only to trade it in for the trash men only make fun of. You had it, abused it, lost it… and mark my word, a day will not go by to where you won’t think about what you lost and regret every fiber in your filthy being.

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