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Toby R. Sernel – Little Rock, Arkansas

Toby Sernel is my on again, off again, boyfriend. We started as friends a year and a half ago, but it’s much more now. He was cheating on his wife with a b*tch, Scarlett Mal….. He was with her a year, but I did a little internet magic, had a little help, and got him away from her. Didn’t take too much work. He turned to me. He knows I’ve had his back. That Scarlett still stalks around, but I know how to drive her nuts. He and I are growing closer by the minute, but I sometimes think he has trust issues, or he ignores me. My mind races. Is he cheating on me too? Does he still think of that c*nt, Scarlett? I see her name and it makes me sick. His wife is divorcing him now, so I act so supportive. He has no idea the trouble I went to getting rid of Robe…errrr…Scarlett. I don’t think he appreciates me sometimes. I’m no door mat. I try to play it cool. I just don’t know what is going through his mind. I know he feels for me. It’s cute how he acts about it, but then I feel ignored. I know he has cheated, but he better not be doing that to me. He has seen what I can do. I toss and turn at night wondering what he’ll tell me in the mornings, or if he’ll have any words for me. I have a sick kid, and that is stressful enough. I shouldn’t be stressing over a man that has a track record. I hope he sees what we could have.

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  1. My dear friend divorced him and cleaned him out, as she should’ve. Their divorce was final the end of July 2018 but she’s getting alimony for another 20+ years and 50% of his military retirement until death. LOL Anyway, I’m posting this because he is still with this lady named Crystal he cheated with. To top it off she’s nuts on social media complaining about never being his priority and how he uses the excuse, “I’m with my kid.” She is so extremely foul towards his daughter, but then quickly erases her postings. He is crazier than her if he continues seeing her. He should be embarrassed and take a big step back. He needs to look hard at exactly what part this Crystal woman played in manipulating the downfall of his family. She stirred the Brew. He was warned by many, but listened to none. She was willing to do anything to trap him, and he allowed it to happen. Steer clear of Toby Sernel, in Little Rock. He’s probably going to cheat on Crystal too. But she’s going to ruin his relationship with his daughter, L.

  2. He cheated with his old girlfriend and told her he hates kids. This man is a repeat cheater and can’t keep his d**k in one hole. He likes nasty c***s and will lie to anyone rather than commit to someone.

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