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Robert Anthony Fata — Phoenix, Arizona

This is a very personal post for me and I’d be grateful it if you took the time to publicly share it . This post is not meant to cause harm to anyone , it’s meant to inform my community about the complications that come with this guy . I hope this post will help the next person who is unlucky enough to find themselves tangled with this him to simply walk away instead of trying to figure him out or talk sense into him. To make a very long and complicated story simple and short… Robert is a diagnosed Schizophrenic. Although he appeared normal , I noticed strange behavior immediately. At first I suspected drugs because his hands were extremely swollen to the point where his nail beds were tearing, but it wasn’t just his hands…his teeth were a dull dark greyish color which also raised some suspicions. Every time he slept in bed with me he’d shake vigorously (seizure like convulsions) but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. A few months in I found a C – Shaped scar on the side of his head and asked him if he had brain surgery , to which he responded “maybe” . Just towards the back of his head I also discovered a giant golf ball sized tumor which supposedly came from “bumping” his head as a child. He also said the bump came from a car accident he got into . Not sure which story is true. All of it seemed suspicious to me and it was not until after a myriad of heated arguments he finally admitted to me that he is a diagnosed schizophrenic . My life felt like a roller coaster up until that point. The more i tried to understand him , the more skewed my reality felt and the deeper my descent into madness became. Aside from the physical oddities , I noticed his short temperament and alcoholism got the best of him. Every time he visited me , He’d wreak of alcohol , like it was sweating through his pores. Although there were many vulgar things he said to me ; my heart sank whenever he muttered one of his favorite phrases : “there are so many people I’d rather be with than YOU right now!! ” . It made my heart sink into my stomach at first , but then the phrase became such a common part of our time together I got used to it . Robert says he is into bondage but don’t fall for it. he tied me up, blind folded me and recorded me for months. I didn’t know until the blindfold slipped and I caught him recording me with his cell phone. I’m not sure what he did with the recordings, but I asked him to delete them . He boasted of recording other people but then did a 360 and said he felt “guilty” for taking advantage of people and stalking them … In Retrospect, Robert has schizophrenia and apparently some other brain related issues. His biological father passed away from cancer , so its possible that Robert may be experiencing some health related issues due his father’s genes . Even more , Robert told me that he suspects he has parkinson’s disease because he has trouble bending and walking and sees a doctor for it regularly. In bed he could barely perform , like he had some kind of movement related issues . Robert is a closeted homosexual who may have DRD’s or DRD . when I asked if he wanted to get tested together so we didn’t have to use a condom he immediately said no and made a phony excuse that his insurance would not cover its cost – which is untrue . most disease control clinics will test you for free and test kits can easily be purchased online for a small fee. Not sure what that was about , but I would definitely use protection with this person . I always used a condom. I suspect Robert is disabled due to his conditions. He does not work and has never worked a job in his life. He lives with his parents and sleeps in their basement. Robert says he is a chemist who works full time and lives with roommates, but that simply isn’t true. it’s a fabricated story he tells everyone. I’d like to end this article with a final message to the people reading this . If you encounter him , don’t believe anything he tells you . Robert has told me that he lies to his friends and family about everything. If he lashes out at you , don’t take it personally because he lashes out at his family too and says he hates them , but I think that’s just his schizophrenia talking . Please, don’t put yourself through what I did , it’s not worth it . I got to know Robert on a level not even his own family can reach , but although I made significant progress I went through a severe depression which took years to resolve. Although there were times when I felt I was getting somewhere with him , it was just me lying to myself ….or him lying to me … the truth is , I got nowhere with him and you wont either . The best thing you can do for yourself is remember this article and use it as your strength to walk away and live the happiest and fullest life that you can . There was a time when I thought I loved Robert , but how can I love someone I don’t even know ? Everything he told me was a lie , so I didn’t love him … I loved a lie. I wish him the best and I wish the people reading this the best. It hurts . I know . We all loved someone who is very sick , but have compassion and forgive him. Maybe one day he will get the help he needs , but as of now he isn’t ready to be with anyone. Robert was the best and worst experience of my life.

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