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There's no reason to cheat! If you're not happy or sexually satisfied with your other half. Instead, report a do the right thing and end the relationship!

Married men, if you made your vows, honor and respect yourself enough to keep them! Do not let yourself become an article in "Homewrecker Men".

Patrick Colling — Rouse Hill, New South Wales

Patrick was with me for 5 years, went to forster every weekend to be with his family or so I thought, he had another woman he was spending alternate weekends with for two years.He lives in a caravan but will come around for lunch & dinner everynight, often brings his washing. Likes to borrow money.He earns over $1000.00 a week but his money is gone before the week is up. He will never take you out, even stays at your house while you go out, mainly cause there is no food or television in the caravan.You will not be included in his life, if you do meet his friends it will be only once. He leaves his mobile in the car, that way you wont question any calls he gets, he will even tell you he doesn’t get phone reception at Forster though both the other woman & I got reception when we stayed.To all his friends he is single & thats how he likes to play the game. His alternate woman dumped him six months ago because she said he was getting too expensive to keep.He has spent the last month trying to “woe” her back. His timing is great, when his Aunt Kay was diagnosed with cancer I was there for him, he was too worried to go to work so I let him sit on my lounge, watch tv, drink beer, eat all my food while I was at work . If he needed to talk about it I was there, if he needed to just be around people I was also there.When my cousin DIED of cancer at the end of November & I needed to just be with someone after the funeral he lied & said he was tired then drove to her place & slept with her. When I took a phone number from his mobile & rang this woman to find out who she was she was amazed that Patrick was clever enough to have pulled it off. She also said that she would NEVER be the other woman, though he has since convinced her that I was “some chick he went out with 4 years ago, for nine months”… even swore on his dead grandmothers life. He is still lying to this woman & she is still believing, poor girl must be very lonely to believe the s**t that is coming out of his mouth, when she quite clearly saw all the signs when we spoke. She even rang me a week later to ask if I would ring her if he came over, she said she wanted to “catch him out”. Hello didn’t we already do that.!!!!!!!! Not only was Patrick living a double life but I also found a letter from a dating agency in Newcastle an ad for “meeting point” a phone bill full of 1900 numbers ( meeting point) amongst his stuff, all from the years he was with us both. Patrick obviously likes to get around. Sleep with this man & you are sleeping with a whole lot of people!!!!!!! & thats not even mentioning the prostitute from the 17th November…. no wonder he had to borrow money to get his car serviced that week I believe that I came very close to catching him out a few years ago, I paid a surprise visit to the caravan & there were two wine glasses on the sink with two plates & purple candles next to his bed. When I asked about them he told me that his doctor told him to burn lavender to calm him down & that he had drank a bottle of wine over a few days. I should have known better as he guzzles his alcohol. I wonder how long she had been gone that morning? he must have had her for dinner & me for breakfast… hope he showered in between! Just incase you get to read this Patrick, the text you sent me on 3.01.07 “you win” do you have any idea how much heartache & pain you have caused me?. how do I win??? are peoples lives just a game to you???? You can move on continue lying & cheating. I am left with an unbearable pain that will take a long time to go away, I have been used, lied to, I am left with the knowledge that you had no respect for me whatsoever when all I did was try to make you happy. All the missed opportunities, some that I may have acted upon but I had you & I trusted you. Remember the word you used for janelle…PARASITE… well look in the mirror Patrick because you are exactly the same, you suck everything you can from a woman & leave nothing but an empty shell!

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