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Mark Mitchell — Tempe, Arizona

Poof ! Gone. It’s almost like Mark Mitchell was never accused of raping a 10-year old little girl. While babysitting her and her brother, Mark allegedly pulled down his tightie whities and stomped her little p***y hard, made her bleed and cry. Then, he borrowed some payoff money from daddy and, apparently, in Tempe, Arizona, you can buy some forgiveness from a greedy judge who hates little crybabies who need babysitting. Cases go away like the heat when the sun sets. I’m going to follow up with details on the judge, it shouldn’t be so easy to cheat kids out of their childhood. If anyone has details, please report them here, kids need to get a fair chance. I would think that Mark had a chance to keep his p****r in his pants, I’m sure the little boy didn’t pull it out for him and make Mark abuse his sister. At least we should have a hearing.

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  1. what do you have to say about it, mark mitchell, did you steal some under aged p***y in tempe, arizona? Daddy must be proud, like father like son of a b***h

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