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There's no reason to cheat! If you're not happy or sexually satisfied with your other half. Instead, report a do the right thing and end the relationship!

Married men, if you made your vows, honor and respect yourself enough to keep them! Do not let yourself become an article in "Homewrecker Men".

Kevin Tetu — Arizona

Maia Rose Peterson is getting f****d by Kevin Tetu, who cheated on his wife for the new, much younger, stinky p***y. She’s passing it out to him like it’s tuna candy for his hallo-weeny treat. He’s eating it up and hopes it won’t rot his teeth. He’s used to the smell and knows it’s mostly from his nasty litle c**k, a rotten smell like something that came out of another man’s a*s. Kevin likes holidays, he can’t wait to celebrate her brat’s 18th birthday and get it to move the f**k out of the love nest, he wants to run around naked and impress his cheap b***h, convince her he can still get it up when she starts thinking about cheating with a harder man, when she gets tired of vibrating to get a little satisfaction. Kevin, enjoy that p***y while you can, you’ve probably already noticed you can barely keep up now, and the honeymoon is just over, or get a clothspin for your nose, it won’t be long before you smell the scent of another man, probably while you’re licking her wet spot. You’ll know when it tastes different and it’s stinkier than usual. You’ll know you left your wife for a dirty s**t and you will hope she doesn’t have your last name, that will make it easier to leave her and the kid. All her nastiness will be reserved for your replacement, who she’ll probably be f*****g way before you know it, you’ll have the clothspin on your nose, so tight that you won’t notice the reek, just the flies she’s attracting. Hope you enjoyed the honeymoon, cheater, got Maia’s dirty scent to keep real women away from you, she didn’t notice because she’s just a side-w***e who who made a side bet. Get insurance and hope you die sooner than her, maybe from the nasty drd’s she gets from cheating with a junkie, she’ll need drugs to work your s**t up to a hardness she can sit on, and feel something. Work her like the dog she is, now, but don’t be surprised when she gives you mange. Hope you enjoy this gift to celebrate your new l**t. Don’t forget to take pictures and keep us updated on Facebook. Take a few secretly, when she’s looking at guys her own age, see if you can spot her type, the type she’ll replace you with. It’s around the corner now, but it’s coming, you’ll taste it sooner than you think, she’ll be interviewing before she hires the next idiot to help her spend your money. Give her real satisfaction, take out a big life insurance policy for the two of them before you go. Sweet Karma for you, Kev, looking down at how happy she is, without you and in her new cheaters’ bed, paid for with the money from the insurance policy. That’s when she’ll have something to smile about, you’ll see her love for her new man. Show your love, man, leave her a small fortune, and take off the noseplug once in awhile, smell your new fish, she’ll rot quickly. It will go by so fast, you’ll hear her call you daddy when she fakes an o****m and then helps you back into the wheelchair before going into the separate bedroom to finish herself off with the new turbo horse vibe she bought while you were stuck on the adult potty, constipated, again, tired of her scandalous s**t. You got a winner, don’t whine, tear that new a*s up, feel like a real man, make her say your real name, spank her if she calls you daddy, she’ll do that to show you she’s in charge of your scandalous, punk-a*s, before she pegs you in the a*s, again. F**k both of you cheaters, you deserve each other and many years of regret. Hopefully, with the two of you locked into each other with s*x toys and each others fists, good people will be spared from your deceit. I can smell her nasty p***y, Kev, she’s calling for a real man, it doesn’t sound like she’s saying daddy (more like DaQuan, you the big man), she’s laughing into the pillow while you eat that smelly s**t, she’s getting ready to fake one for you. Women her mothers’ age think you’re sexy, still. She has an eye for the brothers, doesn’t want to be a fake her whole life, depend on s*x toys for bedroom bliss. DaQuan, DaQuan is the man of her fantasies, she needs a big black toy, pony-sized, and a larger b**t plug. DaQuan and his cousin, Mule.

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  1. What a couple of douchebags. Unbelievably cruel thing to do to their partners, they deserve every s****y thing they do and give to each other. I hope she gets pregnant by one of her black dudes and Grandpa thinks it’s his until it’s born hahaha!

  2. Holy m**o this is some prison level s**t talk! I wanted to gouge my eyes out 2.5 sentences in, but I just couldn’t look away! YOU DESERVE A F*****G MEDAL, O.P.!!!

    ♡ -Libby

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