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Joseph Dell – Cave Creek, Arizona

Joseph Dell is a fraud and a man of many masks. You will never get to the real person behind the mask. That person is a sociopath with no morals who hides behind a Knight in shining armor persona. He leaves a trail of used and thrown away people along the way. Joseph sucks what he can get from you emotionally in order to validate himself due to his extreme insecurities. He lives part time in Atlanta GA and part time in Cave Creek Az. He’s on multiple dating sites in multiple states yet is married to a woman named Andrea in GA. He nonstop trolls for women to seduce, it’s all a game to him. Do not be fooled by his charm and fake nice guy persona. He is excellent at gaslighting and manipulation and he’s a master at selling goods that do not exist. He is a serial cheater who needs constant attention from everyone around him. Google his name and you will find interesting history about this man and his ‘wife’.

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  1. When in Atlanta, Joseph Dell’s wife runs the show. She’s the breadwinner and keeps him around for social events, a duty which he carries out obediently and effectively. He’s one of those social bullshitters who knows when to say when. He oversells some things and then leaving guests hanging on others. This creates a mystique that somehow comes off as charming, yet effective. When he’s in in Cave Creek, he lets his hair down, strips and, without his ballsy wife around, trys to take charge of gullible girls who haven’t googled his name. He likes to be jerked off and shoot his wad in their faces. Kind of like saying f**k-you to them for being female, acting out his inner hostility towards women, for reminding him of his wife. Somehow the whole charade works for him and his wife, she just doesn’t want to know anything about it, and spends her free time with a young heiress she’s smitten with.

  2. Hi. I’m a friend of the OP. When she told us all she was going to “destroy” her ex none of us thought she would actually plaster this same story all over the Internet. I feel badly for the guy because what is posted here and what really happened are 2 very different things. When my friend broke up with this guy last June, it wasn’t because he was cheating. She just didn’t like that he didn’t call enough when he traveled for work. She would sit at home doing drugs, getting drunk, and being bored. She would even seek out male attention to help pass the time. This guy did everything for her and she rewarded him with anger.

    I’m actually surprised he didn’t break up with her first. But she told me he was really into her an that she was going to get whatever she wanted from him. She would show up at his place of work and cuss him out for no reason. She even broke into his house once and waited for him to come home so she could yell at him.

    I love my friend but she has really lost her marbles this time.

    Full disclosure: I have never dated the guy or even met him. I only know what I was told. And it isn’t what she has posted here.

  3. Interesting commentary coming from someone who discloses they never met or dated this man. Why are you even commenting then? You must be an amazing “friend”! I will say, this review is not at all incorrect. I do know him and know how deceiving and manipulating he is to everyone he comes in contact with. He loves to string women along, it’s like a game to him. And Andrea, well Andrea and him are like two peas in a pod. Both these psych jobs deserve each other.

  4. Interesting that someone who claims to have never met or dated the guy comments in a random post. You must be an amazing “friend”! The original poster is not incorrect. As someone who actually does know Joseph, he is indeed a very deceitful and manipulating person with everyone he meets. And as for Andrea, well they are two peas in a pod….two psych jobs who deserve one another.

  5. I nett him on a date after many messages via texts. He’s an intelligent, charming man. Warning…. don’t be a fool. He will be a wonderful charmer, then disappear. I wouldn’t believe what he says. He’s smart… he will do an amazing job making you believe! Don’t get caught up in his charm. Just a fair warning.

  6. I met him a little over a year ago. He can be a charmer yet at the same time a huge walking red flag. Super smart. Ladies…..don’t fall for it because once he sucks you in, he disappears without a moments notice.

  7. Wow he’s everywhere and this is funny! I agree and wish I’d thought of doing this. He is a skeevy used car salesman for sure. Use protection girls because that p***s gets around more than a record player.

  8. Jo-Jo sticks his diseased d**k into any girl who hasn’t yet Googled his name and is dumb enough to fall for his sales pitch. His wife turns a blind eye to it all because she’s just as narcissistic and full of s**t as he is. Apparently it works for their relationship. The couple that cheat and swing together, stay together lol!

  9. Amazing pic lmao, seeing this just made my week!

    This is the worst kind of man, he spoon feeds feeds you lies, lines, and bullshit all while doing the same to a dozen other women. I don’t know how he keeps track of them all!

    Word of advice to all: go get tested

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