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Jamie Wells — Hartselle, Alabama

Lives in Hartselle but moves around from Cullman to Decatur with his mom. Very abusive. Never works a day in his life. Never pays a bill and he treats his mother like s**t. Disrespects women and is highly toxic. He is a narcissist that think the world owes him. Wants someone to take care of him like he is a child. Ladies queens that deserve a man stay away from this one. He will only f**k up your life. Thankfully I was the one who got far away from this psycho f**k has possible.

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  1. He’s a real wiener with the guys too, puts them down and thinks he’s the kink stud from Hartselle. He likes to f**k with your head and he’s the one who lives with mommy. A real loser.

  2. Jamie is a dirty douche and very angry about the smallish p***s he was dealt in the hand of life. Girls snicker and that p****s him off big time. He doesn’t even like the word big, it p****s him off and he looks for a small child to slap, a little dog to kick, a frail woman to smack on – his mother is safe, she’s medium sized and he’s a little bit afraid of her.

  3. OMFG. I knew him and actually loved him awhile back until I couldn’t take the mind f*****g anymore. Loved him unconditional however too many games on his part. I’m married now but had to comment. Sorry you had to go thro this. I wonder what time frame y’all were together. We were friends but he was super controlling. He could hang out with girls but if I did I was a w***e because I’m bi. Treated me horribile when my grandma passed and wasn’t there thro any of it. Told me to basically f**k myself and get over it. However I gladly was there when he was dealing with own s**t. Oh well. Live learn but guard your heart.
    Mrs. Sinclair

  4. Treats you like a queen until he want to be king, then he jumps you and cries and apologizes afterwards. He’s a sick f**k who likes to play head games. Stay away ladies!

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