Homewrecker Men

There's no reason to cheat! If you're not happy or sexually satisfied with your other half. Instead, report a do the right thing and end the relationship!

Married men, if you made your vows, honor and respect yourself enough to keep them! Do not let yourself become an article in "Homewrecker Men".

Cliff Pierre Antoine — Tempe, Arizona

This man will break your heart. He is a liar and a cheater and will emotionally control you. His last girlfriend/victim can attest to that. She is a beautiful and intelligent young woman and was still tricked. That means he is good at what he does because she is not stupid. She is so emotionally fragile that she is terrified to push him out of her life for good. They are not together and he is still harassing her! Even after she was courageous enough to break up with him he is a loser and can’t move on and I’m positive he hit her, too. Elijah does not know the meaning of being an ‘ex’. He even has her mother conned! He is controlling and manipulative and will leave you crying and alone. STAY AWAY! He is a lying dog. He will ruin your life! And he only goes for white women because he feels he can control them the easiest. Run the other way. Do not waste your time on him. You will regret it. If you only knew what the last girl he was with is going through. I was going to be friends with her but he told her not to talk to me! He even controls who she talks to. He’ll start off with the nice guy routine but he is just like all the others. He is NO different. Don’t fall for his “I’m different and refreshing’ routine. RUN!

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