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There's no reason to cheat! If you're not happy or sexually satisfied with your other half. Instead, report a do the right thing and end the relationship!

Married men, if you made your vows, honor and respect yourself enough to keep them! Do not let yourself become an article in "Homewrecker Men".

Casper Crookz – Kingston, Canada

Casper has a little ghost tatted on his d**k. That had to hurt but he says he was drunk and p****d off at his ex who cheated on him, he only cried a few times when they stopped pricking his p****r. He says that’s why he cheats on every girl he f***s, he misses his ladyboy and no regular girl can compare, she had a big one and she ghosted him for a Saudi oilman who had a few more bank accounts, overseas, and who waited for him to get out of jail.

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  1. Casper isn’t so friendly and has punched several prostitutes who didn’t want to swallow, one of them got a shiner when he hit her again for spitting his c*m on him when he hit her. She didn’t have time to swallow, he surprised her when he came so quickly.

  2. What in the f**k is this s**t.
    He’s not a cheater he’s engaged to me,
    Their is NO ghost tattooed on his d**k LMAO you people must be some pathetic and jealous little hoe bags now aren’t you. He’s a good person a good fiancé an amazing father and friend. Grow the f**k up.
    He’s solid as f**k, you on the other hand you are as solid as a soup sammy

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