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Casey Bryant Crawford – Daytona Beach, Florida

Casey Bryant Crawford can be found creeping on and stalking the women in the Daytona Beach comedy scene despite having a wife and two children. Creepy Crawford regularly neglects his kids for his nonexistent “comedy career”, and regularly neglects his wife for some of the sluttier women in our lovely scene. He’s even cheated on his wife with Blair Baker, an SJW internet meme and Orlando-area comic who has also been posted on these types of websites. Blair gave him a b*****b at the Tir na Nog in Daytona Beach and he came inside of her without a condom.

Despite looking like a typical soyboy and claming to be a champion of social justice, he seems to not be able to stand women who disagree with him, especially politically. He has stalked women for s*x on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and screenshotted their private messages to post on Reddit or share nude photos of them behind their backs (which is how his wife found out about Blair Baker). He has stalked men and given them death threats on social media for having conservative views, saying he wants to kill all Republicans, they’re all Nazis and should die, etc.

Crawford dreams of becoming famous because he’s a narcissist who believes he’s better than anyone else. He brags about having family in the CIA and uses that to intimidate men and women he feels threatened by. I’ve been meaning to expose this creep for over a year, and I hope he enjoys the new internet “fame” he’s always craved.

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