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Brody Tunno — Tucson, Arizona

Ladies Beware of this man Brody Tunno he is a cheater and has cheated on everyone he has ever been with. Even his sweet wife at home cooking and cleaning. What a good a*****e of a man. He can and will never be satisfied with just one woman, He has to have many women to have s*x with him. He is a serial cheater and player, He has zero morals or values for any human life or for anything else. This man is also the ugliest man I have ever seen I ran for my life.

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  1. Brody told the hooker he was single and wanted to see her again. She agreed but when he got there he tried to woo her with bullshit, he didn’t have any money. How f*****g stupid can a man be to think a hooker is going to let him f**k her on some dumbass love bullshit. Just because she sucked him off in under three minutes he wants to catch feelings for her trick a*s. He’ll experience more feelings when he finds out he has herpes. He didn’t use a dam on his tongue when he ate her dirty p***y. I had to cut my friend loose, he lost his f*****g mind after cheating on his girl.

  2. This man is a disgusting pig. Not sure how he holds the position he does in his company because he is about as dishonest as they come. Terrible business practice if you ask me. He is a stalker, a cheater, a liar and a manipulating a*****e. A person that cheats on their spouse is the lowest of all human kind. It shows they have zero respect for anyone else….just like Brody Tunno. I feel bad for his two kids that will some day find out what an absolute d**k their father is.

  3. As a person in the community where this a*****e lives, I can say loud and clear that this man is a piece of s**t. He currently works with the children in the community, but trust me this man is no role model at all! He has no place participating in Blackhawk sports. He is nothing less than a disgusting pig. He deserves to be arrested for paying for hookers.

  4. Zero morals is what gets him promoted at work and Brody is a little slow in figuring out that being a sleazeball in a personal relationship is not the same kind of ladder climb to get to the top. He cheats on his girl and doesn’t use protection. A*****e!

    1. How is this dude spreading his herpes in Arizona? I know he has a terrible reputation in PA for his s****y a*s behavior but seriously how is this ugly SOB in other states s******g people over? I think all you women need to get together and clean this waste of space clock

  5. Someone needs to report this guy to the local news stations so that they dont allow him to be around kids.
    How is this even right? My kids are older than his two, but he would not be around mine that’s for d**n sure. He has manipulated so many people the last several years and he honestly just needs to stay to himself and leave everyone alone. He is a very terrible human being. He hates everyone in his family but they seem to be the only ones that talk to his a*s, ain’t that funny. Do the world a favor Brody Tunno, w***e buyer, leave our kids out of your herpes infested life. You are a sick b*****d!!

  6. If I never saw this man again I would be happy. This man can not speak the truth. I really think he has mental problems, it is not normal to lie as much as this man. Blackhawk school district should be ashamed letting this man around the children of the district. I would never let him coach my kid. This man strikes me as a p**n addict, wouldnt be suprised if it wasnt child p**n. In the mean time he will continue to solicit hookers (which is illegal) and spread herpes to the unsuspected! Just sick!!!!!!

  7. This man IS addicted to p**n. Ask him to see his phone. He guards it like a sacred item…..because he is dirty!!! He Will never change. He will always be the same piece of trash. Lying, cheating, manipulating trash!!!!! I wonder how many times he really did cheat on his ex wife Holly? Psycho or not, they were married with TWO kids. He better stay away from my girls and never be allowed to volunteer for anything they are involved in. Way to go Boy Scouts of America for having such a great role model for your kids. Blackhawk really should be ashamed.

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