Homewrecker Men

There's no reason to cheat! If you're not happy or sexually satisfied with your other half. Instead, report a do the right thing and end the relationship!

Married men, if you made your vows, honor and respect yourself enough to keep them! Do not let yourself become an article in "Homewrecker Men".

Benjamin Young — Washington DC

Benjamine is pretty good at selling himself, he’s told many women he’s single and they bought into this cheater and f****d him for months before finding out the truth. He almost sold a business interest to Mark Cuban on Sharktank, but those people investigated and uncovered all his bullshit and lies. Cheating with less resourceful women is his specialty, f**k his wife, he likes strange p***y and is willing to pay if they’re not real expensive escorts, he’s too cheap for that, likes more gullible women. He’s selling ladies, are you buying? Google his name for all the aliases he uses, there are too many to list in this space.

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