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There's no reason to cheat! If you're not happy or sexually satisfied with your other half. Instead, report a do the right thing and end the relationship!

Married men, if you made your vows, honor and respect yourself enough to keep them! Do not let yourself become an article in "Homewrecker Men".

Flavio Almeida, Gracia Barra — Phoenix, Arizona

As schools, businesses, sporting events, and most gatherings are being canceled most Jiu-Jitsu schools in the world have decided to shut down to avoid the spread of Corona Virus. Gracie Barra, a franchise of hundreds of Jiu-Jitsu schools across the country has decided that people not showing up for Jiu-Jitsu and canceling and pausing memberships would be bad for business. Executive Director and Head Moron Flavio Almeida thought it would be a good idea to keep all schools open because his black belt gives him the right to give out medical advice. Eighty percent of the individuals who contract the Coronavirus only experience mild symptoms and recover quickly. The data also indicates that healthy children are the least vulnerable to this new virus. Here are some of the really great quotes from the moron non-black greedy animal that could care less about his students and their families: With a Gracie Barra Student population built primarily by children and adults ranging from 25 to 45 years of age, the risk of severe health complications is not a concern Wash your hands frequently, wash your uniform, and take a shower after practice, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. This is a crucial time to make your health a priority and do all you can to boost your immunity. This means eat well, sleep well, consider taking additional supplements to boost your immunity systems, and of course, keep training!  In summation, this greedy piece of trash leading the greedy organization of Gracie Barra says since typically people under 45 don’t get too sick, you should come to wrestle and roll around with people and spread it. Then take it out in the community and spread it to everyone else. Even other schools have shut down against the recommendation of dumbo Flavio Almeida like the famous Romulo Barral who is offering free online lessons. This punk moron immigrates to the United States and has absolutely no regard for the population. I originally didn’t like that Ralph Gracie smashed his front two teeth into the back of his throat, but now I can see that he definitely deserved it.

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Marc Newman — Scottsdale, Arizona

Marc Newman of Scottsdale Arizona is a creepy, dirty, slimy goof. This very petite little man is a walking creep show. He also runs a little business with his little self called Datainsure in Scottsdale. He is so small and I am talking about everything. Hands, feet, body, and pee-pee. This little man truly believes that he is a player. The only reason I hooked up with him is that I was wasted. What a mess and a nightmare I will have to live with seeing that pinky finger. Tiny Marc Newman is the smallest richest player with no money. I say his nickname should be Slim Jim.

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Roger Madden — Lexington, Kentucky

This guy is straight up scum. He cheats on his wife with multiple girls that he meets on seeking arrangement. Says he has work meetings late in the day but his “meetings” are with his girlfriends. Can not tell the truth!!!! Will make you think you’re the only girl he is seeing but he has several that he visits. He has shown up to see me smelling like another girl before. Likes to grab coffee or drinks to get to know you but then suggests you hit up a hotel or go back to your place to get it on. Uses snapchat and a fake number app to communicate. Does not hide the fake that be is married

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Daniel Minton Jr – Syracuse, New York

Dan Minton Jr suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder. He is the cause of his own problems in many areas of his life, such as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. Dan is also a women beater. He is generally unhappy and disappointed when he’s not given the special favors or admiration he believes he deserves. He doesn’t deserve anything. He’s a pedophile who pretends to be a good father. He is also very jealous of anyone doing better than him. Especially women. He’s a hateful, vengeful, jealous boy who needs to stay locked up forever. He lies about his income. He can’t afford a cell phone due to his poor credit. He will ask you to place car rentals in your name. So he can pretend to look like money. He claims to be a chef but he isn’t. He can’t cook. He doesn’t work. He stolen from every job he worked at. That’s why he was fired from Chipotle and many other places. He lies about his work experience. Being a chef in jail doesn’t make you a chef in real life. Stay away from him. All he does is use up females for a roof, food and their vehicle, get you pregnant and then he’s on to his next victim. He has several children he isn’t taking care of.

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Ronald N Perry – Cambridge, Boston Massachusetts

-Full name is Ronald N Perry

-Computer Scientist

-Born April 1 0, 1959

-A covert narcissist

-A textbook case of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder(NPD)

-Approximately 5′ 9″

-Will use women for housing/place to sleep and stay

-Has cheated on every single one of his long-term partners and other girlfriends with multiple women at

a time

-Does not use protection during intercourse

-H ires prostitutes

-When he gets caught cheating or finds someone who proves to be a better ‘supply’ than his current

partner, he literally moves out of that woman n’s place and moves in with the woman he’s been cheating with

-Hasn’t owned/rented his own place in more than 30 years

-Will ‘love-bomb’ the new supply in order to hook her at the beginning of the relationship

-Every other word out of his mouth is a lie and yet he uses fake tears to play the victim in eve,,! scenario

-Calls everyone of his past girlfriends and ex-wife crazy, bipolar, unstable, jealous, and say they’re all

out to ruin his life {obviously, the common denominator is HIM]

-Addicted to gym time, tanning beds, coconut lotion that smells so strong that you can smell him from a mile away, s*x, teenager p**n [this is someone who’s turning 61 in April 2020]

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Jason Lee – Windsor, Canada

Jason Lee sleeps with all the nasty floozy in Windsor, Canada surprised he is not on here yet. He is a pathological liar..uses woman for s*x and cheats on his wife with several other floozies had to ban him as he refuses to abide by their rules. He has STI and HPV and stalking of women. His wife stays with him how dumb can she be. He has anger issues and fights everyone. Beware Jason Lee is a sexual predator and narcissist and will take you down. He claims he is separated but he is not. Don’t ever let him around your children because he was convicted of s*x crimes. He is a registered s*x offender http://www.predatorsalert.com/519-997-4554-jason-lee/

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Casey Bryant Crawford – Daytona Beach, Florida

Casey Bryant Crawford can be found creeping on and stalking the women in the Daytona Beach comedy scene despite having a wife and two children. Creepy Crawford regularly neglects his kids for his nonexistent “comedy career”, and regularly neglects his wife for some of the sluttier women in our lovely scene. He’s even cheated on his wife with Blair Baker, an SJW internet meme and Orlando-area comic who has also been posted on these types of websites. Blair gave him a b*****b at the Tir na Nog in Daytona Beach and he came inside of her without a condom.

Despite looking like a typical soyboy and claming to be a champion of social justice, he seems to not be able to stand women who disagree with him, especially politically. He has stalked women for s*x on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and screenshotted their private messages to post on Reddit or share nude photos of them behind their backs (which is how his wife found out about Blair Baker). He has stalked men and given them death threats on social media for having conservative views, saying he wants to kill all Republicans, they’re all Nazis and should die, etc.

Crawford dreams of becoming famous because he’s a narcissist who believes he’s better than anyone else. He brags about having family in the CIA and uses that to intimidate men and women he feels threatened by. I’ve been meaning to expose this creep for over a year, and I hope he enjoys the new internet “fame” he’s always craved.

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Clayton Easley — Centennial, Colorado

How could such a sweet sincere guy end up on this site? It must be because the person writing it is crazy right?! I’m sure that’s what he will tell you and that he was honest and upfront from the beginning but that’s not the full truth.

Right from the start I should have walked away and I did try as soon as he informed me he was still living with his ex fiance but he assured me he was looking for a place, it took him four months to find one then another month to actually move out and in that time we had been hanging outJ sleeping together but he would disappear for hours at a time usually 5 to 10 pm which is when his ex would go to bed, funny how that works but he told me he was with his mom and she didn’t like cell phones being on. This disappearing act would continue through out the 18 months we dated. It wouldn’t be until the end that I’d find out he was still seeing her too. I had questioned him on this numerous times through out and he would tell me I’m crazy for thinking such things and that’s not what was going on. He was charming and nice so I believed him each time because of how sincere he seemed to be but now I realize it was just him trying to keep me happy so she wouldn’t find out, what kind of nice guy does that to another person he supposedly cared about? His ex was the one who contacted me and asked me about the two of us and he had basically told her I was crazy and making it up so the two of them made me the bad guy, all the whole he still claimed to be a good guy, but I don’t know many good guys who are selfish enough to put someone down they supposedly cared about to save his own a** with a girl he told me not to worry about.

The way he treated me after wasn’t what I deserved after being there for him through his family situation that he used to gain sympathy and use as the reason he couldn’t commit fully to me but still wanted to sleep with me and use me. He did damage that will take years to fix because I believed he was a good guy but no good guy would do what he did, only an insecure liar would do those things. Don’t fall for the nice guy he wants you to believe he is because it left me in a dark place. He’s not a good guy he used me abs tossed me out like yesterday’S trash when he went back to his ex. He’s a liar.

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Geoffrey Palmer — London, United Kingdom

There’s a lot of action on Geoffrey’s big boat. He gets to see it all through several peepholes strategically placed throughout, looking into where all the paid hookers are f*****g his guests. He watches on a monitor while Keisha or one of the other whores try and make something happen with his limp noodle. V****a doesn’t help much but he works the girls to tears, keeps them trying over and over to make something magical happen. Keisha says it’s a d**n miracle if something ever pops, but he has a special guest that works better than the others for achieving a semi-erection – Charles Dorfman, the London movie director. Apparently Charles has a special ladyboi he likes and this is something that gets Geoffrey off, too. When Charles isn’t being actively recorded, Geoffrey will watch the secret loops he’s already made, over and over. It must make him feel kind of like a director, himself. The ‘talent’ is all recruited through Emily Coral, floozy and madame pimp to the wealthy. Fun times on the pervert’s boat. London, Cabo, wherever they happen to be floating. Keisha felt cheated and said she was the only dark-skinned girl on the boat and Geoffrey kept having her fetch drinks like she was a damned waitress. She didn’t get called back and she worked as a slave trying to get the old b*****d hard, then treated like s**t when he knew how hard she was trying to get him off.

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Jeff Borland — Balboa Island Newport Beach, California

This guy is the biggest liar in town and he cheats on all his girlfriends and his wife too! He lied to get the mother of his children to put in jail! Scum of the earth! He’s a liar and the biggest s***k on balboa island! Watch out he has an incurable vd!

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David Cicalese — New York, New York

David Cicalese cheats for fun, like it’s a sport, like shooting sitting ducks. He’s lucky just to get a woman. And when he does, he knows they will find out about him and leave anyway. So, he f***s them and leaves them so he can boast about having dumped a w***e a*s b***h before they can thank their lucky stars and dump his goofy a*s. Not getting much action, as a rule, David is not a very skilled lover. Girls say he will tongue an a*s for a second try before he feels nasty and used and leaves them on the curb where he found them. He kisses whores just to taste what they’ve tasted, they don’t like it much.

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Ryan Mondoley from Las Vegas, Nevada

Ryan Mondoley is a rape apologist, a victim blamer, and an abuser.

Ryan makes excuses for why it’s always a woman’s fault about why they were groped, attacked, raped, or murdered.

He believes everything is always their fault and nobody else.

He’s a horrible person.

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