Melissa Ann — Atlanta, Georgia

If you want a worthless b***h then you found her! Melissa Ann also goes by Melissa Smith or Melissa C**n. She has a s****y attitude and based on my experiences and in my opinion of her is that she is a complete B***H! The worst part is that her old a*s doesn’t have the looks to back up the attitude. Be careful with this hot a*s t**d. You have been alerted.

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  1. Is she a social media w***e or just an ordinary cheating b***h? Someone must know more about this tramp, share the details of her down dirty deeds and cheap trick ways. Does she have any diseases the world needs to know about? This b***h attracts cheaters like flies and the buzz is she has drd’s. I haven’t f****d her but if she got me drunk enough and her credit card had spending room, I could probably be coerced into letting her suck my nuts.

  2. This is a dirty b***h, a pay for play social media w***e who looks like an ad for Hustler p**n but what you can’t see is the nasties she walks around with in her stank p***y. She got some drips that have a green oozy look and stain her panties. White is so revealing Melissa, you should wear green drawers instead.

  3. She work from homes as a escort to married cheaters when they wife at work and they can run around the house b**t-a*s naked. Melissa has to let guys catch her, she runs marathons and is in pretty good shape for a w***e.

  4. I want a worthless b***h. I’ve gone through about 8 of them so far in life. S****y attitude, check. Heartless, check. Fake hair color, check. Fake personality, check. Yep, sounds like my kind of fucktoy.

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