Latoyo Wildman – Cliftondale, Georgia

Stay away from this homewrecker, she screwed my husband and he gave me HPV. Latoyo was twerking for my man at the same facility where they work. He told me hiself an I ask him if anything else happen between them he say no. I look her up on google don’t know if he is lying or not. I say you lying and he still say no. He say he just buy some weed from her. I tell him about the dirty s**t google say about her say she even sleep with the boss and got the clap an s**t. I say you give me clap an I’ll cut yo a*s. He still swear he dont do nothing with this ho. He keep sayin he just buy the weed from her but ya’ll better watch your man this b***h be trifflin wiith him.

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  1. Un huh, this chicken head like KFC and gettin bout it with hoodrats on the block, can’t wait for summer she can take off her cloths for some money.

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