Josheph Dell – Alpharetta, Georgia

Joseph Dell is a fake and a man of numerous covers and you’ll never get to the genuine individual behind the veil. That individual is a sociopath without any ethics who takes cover behind a Knight in sparkling defensive layer persona. He leaves a trail of utilized and discarded individuals en route. Joseph takes what he can get from you sincerely so as to approve himself because of his extraordinary instabilities. He lives low maintenance in Atlanta GA and low maintenance in Cave Creek AZ. He’s on numerous dating locales in the two states yet is hitched to a lady named Andrea in GA. Try not to be tricked by his appeal and phony pleasant person persona, he’s is amazing at gaslighting and control. He’s likewise sequential con artist who needs steady consideration from everybody around him. Google his name and you will discover fascinating history about this man and his ‘better half’.

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  1. Joe Jo likes to string his b*****s along, making them believe he’s the only good thing in their life, then disappears and leaves them to wonder what he’s up to and, he hopes, miss him tremendously. He answers to Andrea ,only, she’s the pants to his shirt. When she says step, he says, yes dear, how high. She makes him go away for at least three months out of the year and he tells everyone this is his choice, he’s the man. She tolerates him but secretly yearns to be rid of him, she wants someone else in particular but can’t pull the trigger to free herself due to her social situation. So, off he goes, looking to hook up with any b***h who will fall for his man act, looking for attention, looking for temporary validation.

    1. Hi. I’m a friend of the OP. When she told us all she was going to “destroy” her ex none of us thought she would actually plaster this same story all over the Internet. I feel badly for the guy because what is posted here and what really happened are 2 very different things. When my friend broke up with this guy last June, it wasn’t because he was cheating. She just didn’t like that he didn’t call enough when he traveled for work. She would sit at home doing drugs, getting drunk, and being bored. She would even seek out male attention to help pass the time. This guy did everything for her and she rewarded him with anger.

      I’m actually surprised he didn’t break up with her first. But she told me he was really into her an that she was going to get whatever she wanted from him. She would show up at his place of work and cuss him out for no reason. She even broke into his house once and waited for him to come home so she could yell at him.

      I love my friend but she has really lost her marbles this time.

      Full disclosure: I have never dated the guy or even met him. I only know what I was told. And it isn’t what she has posted here.

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