Delicia Cordon – Atlanta, Georgia

must hv seen Delicia Cordon (ex industry heaux, groupie n insta-thot) claim that Buffalo Bills star LeSean McCoy set her up 2 get robbed n beaten..She was recently caught doing P4P in Dubai with a nigerian scam artist wanted in the USA n even smashing an old married fugitive on the run! Lol Delicia’s life is a real life tragedy!! I just had to drop the full tea after she was being dragges on teatenders because every1 from the A knows whats up! Delicia the Groupie-Delicia has been passed around the entire entertainment industry n she’s a diagnosed jersey chaser. She is from buttf@ckvilleNorfolk, Virginia n moved to Miami when she was 22 to heaux around 4 free.. She was squatting in some friend of a friend’s NFL players condo but suppose 2 pay full rent. She told the landlord she was a rich model/actress who just broke it off with another NFL player but couldn’t pay a dime in rent, she tried it with forging faulty bank checks n faking wire transfers, one excuse after another! In 2007 she was evicted n given a final judgment 4 removal of tenant. The judge pitied her n gave her a chance to pay past due rent (only $4500) but sadly she didn’t have a dollar 2 her name after all the NFL peens she took!!She was given 24 hours 2 vacate the premises n her b*m a$$ refused to leave so she was physically evicted by the sheriff!! What a pathetic girl with no self respect!! Now she has a social security alert under her name for previous evictions n poor credit history so all this stunting she doing for the gram pretending to be a boss b***h is a joke.

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  1. Delicia Cordon lives in Atlanta, Georgia and
    Joshua H Cochran lives in Grey, Georgia but they got together often. Everything went secretly (both are in relationship with someone else) fine until Josh forgot the handcuff key after he had cuffed Delicia to the canopy bed at the hotel. The problem was the police had to be called when housecleaning entered the room and found her before Josh got back with the key. The m**********r forgot to put out the “DoNotDisturb” sign and Delicia thought it was him coming through the door and didn’t bother covering up. They deserve each other for breaking up two relationships, but now she won’t talk to him because of the embarrassement he caused her. They’re the laughing stock of Georgia!

  2. Delicia gets around. She was in Japan last month and f*****g a sumo wrestler. He went down on her for a quick minute, said she wasn’t delicious and smelled like old sushi. He lost the match and blames her for taking away his edge, he couldn’t smell for days and sulked and didn’t bother training for the event.

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