Daniela Fernandes — Atlanta, Georgia

By the time Daniela was a senior in high school, she had sucked over a hundred c***s but can never be certain because she likes her Pepsi and pills. She entertains cheaters and has two babies from guys she doesn’t remember having s*x with. Life is one big party and her kids don’t slow her down, she cheats around them.

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  1. I’d like to be little and suck on those nipples but not if she’s going to abandon me, that would be like getting cheated on by mommy. She’s just dirty enough to be a p**n star.

  2. P**n stars are some of Daniela’s best friends at the moment while she meets with them and talks about opportunities for young s***s looking to bust nuts in the industry. The girls ar more helpful than the guys who just want to see her on her knees, begging.

  3. Wow. I think she make a good p**n star. I can practice if she want to reach out and get some pointers, I charge by the minute because I no can last an hour with this one.

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