Connor Kiser — Gainesville, Georgia

Omg! Where to start with this weirdo psycho…well Connor boy likes to text and stalk his female cousins. Connor also likes to send his cousin’s inappropriate pics of himself to his female cousins. He also likes to ask for pictures of his cousin’s b***s or wants to know their bra size. Connor Kiser and the rest of his disgusting family live off of his 70 something old grandparents. His sister and brother in law are so fat they just sit on the couch while their grandma and grandpa hand feed them. Connors mother also resides there and at one point had her deadbeat husband living off her parents too. Connors sister Makayla is pregnant and everyone thinks it’s Connors because there is no way that she and her husband could even link up to make a baby because they are so huge. Like 400lb to 500lbs huge! Also, Connor Kiser likes to text and stalk his underage female cousins. Anyway, everyone needs to be careful because I hear tell he likes the man folk too.

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