Chelsea Elisha — Atlanta, Georgia

She is 27 years old (or was at the end of 2010) and has/had a British boyfriend named ****.
Chelsea had unprotected s*x multiple times with a 40-year-old man who had a 7-8 month pregnant their place, in their bed! With baby stuff hanging up!

The pregnant girlfriend found a text that Chelsea sent her boyfriend one night in early October, and asked her if anything was going on…Chelsea lied and said no, then continued to screw the guy for a month through November even though she knew his pregnant girlfriend was still with him and stressed during her pregnancy over suspecting he was cheating.

She’s apparently an up and coming model. I’m sure she’ll get far if she can screw any guy no matter what the circumstances, including doing it for free weed of all things.

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  1. Chelsea is a model/w***e. She uses her looks and “modeling” to help her find a sugar daddy. She f***s for money and acts like she’s just trading shoes with a girlfriend, when she’s trying to find a situation, or 8 or 9 situations, that let her suck, f**k and freak enough to say she’s a paid model. She needs new shoes to go with her crotchless panties.

  2. Chelsea’s always scratching like a junkie and picking at dirty pimples on her face. She’s glad she’s a woman and buys lots of makeup to improve her image. Cheating is her hobby. The only things she likes better are makeup and the white powder she calls wakeup. That helps her look in the mirror longer and find those ugly blackheads that need makeup.

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