Brittany Arnett — Clayton, Georgia

Okay, watch this Superfreak floozy. She loves to go to bed s******g men that are only married. She is the nastiest woman I have ever met in my life. All she does is ask for handouts money food cigarettes 90% of the time she plays the victim. She lies all the time and tells people she used to be married to Rob Lowe. But in reality, she has never been married in her life. You can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. And do not trust her with anything you got available in your house because she’s a big-time Thief this is a fair warning to you all say I didn’t warn you

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  1. She wanted me to bring some sun screen, wanted me to rub it on her, wanted a hotdog, wanted something cold with ice in it, wanted me to change the channel, wanted me to stop singing, wanted her picture taken, wanted me to light her cigarette, wanted this wanted that…bring your wallet guys and bring your own towel, hers is for rent.

  2. Brit lost everything in the surf. She found the top to her bathing suit but not the knickers. Good thing she brought a towel! She snapped this right after she puffed a cigarette with her b**t cheeks and blew the smoke out her ears. It cracked everyone up, even she laughed and laughed again when her towel fell off and she got bit by a sand flea. This little cheating b***h is a riot and lots of married men like to f**k her and give her cigarettes to see her a*s tricks.

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