Arthur Valdez — Alpharetta, Georgia

This guy right here is nasty he has s*x with every woman and man who opened her or his legs for him. it’s disgusting how he has a girlfriend well ex-girlfriend and wife because I left him like I found out about all the cheating and lying he’s been doing. I don’t want his money he has a lot of it and I don’t want it. I never asked him for anything he never has bought me anything and that’s not a problem because all I want is honesty and loyalty and I told him that ever since we started dating and he just ended up turning into something that I don’t like a cheater and a liar that’s two things I can’t f**k with and he’s both.

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  1. Arthur’s budget for whores and w***e entertainment usually runs out by the third week. The last week of the month is all about him getting to know his hand, sometimes he switches to make it feel like new p***y or a*****e, whatever he’s into that week. He manages to get himself by and jokes that switching hands is not really cheating on himself, but if he could get both feet up high enough, he’d do it.

  2. Arthur likes man hugs and he doesn’t care if the man is married or single or dating someone else. Bring on the hugs and he will smile brightly for the attention and sometimes the attention turns serious and he’s cheating with a cheater, it’s happened more than once.

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