Angellica Chen — Atlanta, Georgia

I asked her if she had brushed her teeth. I didn’t want to be rude but her breath smelled like leftover oral s*x from the night before. I know she’s a w***e but we go way back and still get together about once a year to catch up. At least she’s kind of honest about it. I wish she would lave the married guys alone and find a boyfriend but she has low self-esteem and needs constant attention to feel attractive.

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  1. This one is easy like Sunday morning, loves attention and if you compliment her she’s ready to f**k. It’s sort of flattering until you realize that she does the same thing with any man she meets and cheats with. I don’t know how she’s avoided contracting something more serious than chlamydia and the clap.

  2. Angellica is getting over her shyness one cowgirl ride at a time. She hardly ever f***s without wanting to be on top. She hides a little bit behind a pink cowgirl hat, but she can be very aggressive when she hits full giddy-up.

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