Zachariah McNaughton — Sarasota, Florida

I discovered I was pregnant in December, 2013 from this individual. I have known him 3 years. It is now March and I have only heard from him once, despite multiple attempts to discuss the matter. He told me in January he would help support me, but then decided the only help he would give was an abortion, then never said another word. He’s read, but ignored any contact attempts I’ve made, ultrasound photos and updates since. He also goes by the name Zachariah Skylab. Very frustrating if someone cannot even have a simple conversation about parenthood.

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  1. This cracks me up. This old blackmail attempt has recently been revived by a hateful person trying to hurt me. What’s crazy is that the original poster has apologized to me for trying to damage my reputation. Just goes to show you that nothing dies on the internet. I wonder how these people look at themselves in the mirror? Who would be so ugly?

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