Wendy Baxter & Brian Ammons — DeFuniak Springs, Florida

I met her thru a friend that went to my moms small church. I had just finished graduate school & she was starting her junior year pursuing a degree in Criminology (FSU). We were both from a small southern rural town where both our parents lived, so it seemed great to find someone with similar values & culture. She was shy, inexperienced & niave about life. Thats why I fell in love with her. We dated for 2 years while she finished college. During that time we did everything together….camping, traveling, etc. There were some rough times during our dating period, that looking back were possible red flags. She mentioned that there was a guy in one of her classes that kept staring at her. I brushed it off. One day I went to visit her at her dorm room. I knocked on the door…she opens the door & there is a guy in there. I decide to wait outside & she closes the door. I am shocked. The guy leaves 2-3 minutes later…he rushes out past me not saying a word (I think b/c she didnt tell him she had a BF) She tells me that it was the guy who was staring at her in class. That he was being nice & chatty. She explained that he had the same major as she did & that he showed her some handcuffs. hmmmm I proposed to her on Valentines day at a cabin I had rented in the GA mountains. Several months later I felt suspicious of her. The same friend that introduced us started emailing her often. I knew my GF’s email password b/c I helped her set it up. So I decided to read some. It was during this time that she was getting involved in a college club. In one email to her friend, she states that there is a guy in this club that seems to have an interest in her & what should she do. Her friend (mine supposedly too) writes back telling her that she will help her come up with a story to tell me so she can go out on a date with him. I was so shocked & hurt. I confront her but she hasnt read the email yet. She is just as shocked as I am. Her friend explains that it was just a joke & not to be taken seriously. It is this situation that causes my xWW & her friend to not be on speaking terms. As far as I know they never talked to each other the whole time we were married. After she graduated college we got married. Things were good (at least I thought) for about 3 years. She changed jobs to be a juvenile probation officer…..then she started changing. It was at this job where I think she started re-thinking her life. She was around co-workers that had been divorced & really enjoyed the party life. Since I was shy & introverted, I didnt fit in with this lifestyle. I believe she saw their lifestyle as fun & exciting, since she also had a shy & introverted personality. She started hanging out with this single guy (same age as her) that she worked with (he was a lawyer)….she went to football games with him, tail-gate parties, etc. I expressed my discomfort but she would guilt trip me by saying “that you just dont want me to have any guy friends”. (I really didn’t actually) After working at this new job for about a year…she started taking a night class to become a law enforcement officer. She started hanging out after class with these new friends from class….going to bars, etc…this would happen several times a week (no phone calls ever to tell me where she was at) Things started getting bad between us then. I withdrew from her & became resentful for the fact that she was spending so much time away from me. (we didnt know how to communicate) A month after her class started…one night after her night class she came home & told me she wanted out…that she had made an appt to see a lawyer. I was shocked. I convinced her to let us see a marriage counselor (MC). The marriage counseling (MC) was ok. It made me think about things. Well it was a 2 months into the MC that I started to suspect something with her. She would tell me what was being said during their class breaks & it concerned me…that the guys there would flirt & make sexual remarks to the women in the class. During this time she kept mentioning other mens names….esp one..Brian Ammons. I got suspicious & had a funny feeling one day after she told me yet again of one of her night class stories. I went to her car one morning while she slept & found some notes crumbled up in the back seat. They had her hand writing & they were very flirtatious. She was talking about her ‘furry pink thongs” & that she wanted to be spanked…”I’m not a bad girl :)”. I believe it was a flirtatious note swap with this Brian guy….who btw was engaged at the time. [IMG]http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/30/notes0yt.jpg[/IMG] Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I fell apart after finding them but didnt let her know that I had found them. I suppose she learned that I had found them…she became unusually affectionate & intimate that weekend. The next MC was a joint session. It was there that the C saw us individually. She went first & must have explained to the C what I found before I talked to him. When it was my turn, before I had the chance to explain what I had found, the counselor started to explain that my wife had a lapse in judgment & that I shouldnt see this as a loss of trust in her. I was mad. The C admitted that he didnt read the notes & that it didnt make any difference in what the notes said. I confronted her later that day after the MC session. I pressed her until she admitted that she liked the attention from the men in her class. That it made her feel good. She explained that she never got that type of attention in high school. Anyway…I break down from learning all this…I start to not care about life & it shows…I lose my job. I start seeing a psych nurse for depression. While jobless I still paid my half of the rent. One weekend I went to a educational seminar up in Atlanta that required me to be away for the whole weekend. She didnt want to go (she didnt want to take the day off) I call her all that weekend checking on her to see if she was ok. A week later, I get suspiciousfeeling again & this time I searched her purse. I find a credit card receipt for a honky tonk that is located over 50 miles away from where we lived. She lies about her whereabouts. She finally admitted that she had gone after I confronted her with the receipt. She had gone while I was away to the seminar w/ a girlfriend (looking back I think it could have been Brian). Finally after 2 months, I get another job in a city 80 miles away, which requires me to move away (we agree in our MC session that she will move to be with me after her class ends). Two months later, she finishes her night class….then tells me that she is not moving. That she wants to stay there b/c her friends & her parents are there. I am stunned & confused by her decision. I knew that she could make a lot more money in her profession if she moved to be with me. I couldnt understand how these friends that she has known for a year could make her want to stay there. I try to act as if nothing is wrong & continue to come home to see her on the weekends. I hoped that she would change her mind. Christmas comes & then New Years. We go to a party being hosted by one of her co-workers. I could tell she was acting different while we were there. I tried to fit in & be fun at the party. Unfortunately, I had too much to drink & made some inappropriate comments. There were some other girls at this party that were friends of WW’s co-worker. While at the party, I asked my WW for a little hanky-panky….of course I was just kidding. Rightfully, she said no way. So I made a comment about one of the other girls maybe providing some. I told her I was joking. I thought I could get her jealous. She mentions it the next day that I made some rude comments. I told her I was joking & meant nothing by it. (remember a few months earlier I found her flirt notes..I said those comments to her & not to some other woman). The next weekend we go out to a nice restaurant (The Melting Pot). I thought it was a romantic place & thought we were really connecting. The weekend after that, she drops the bomb on me…that she wants out. She goes & visits a guy ‘friend’ from her old night class(turns out to be the OM) the very next day. I convince her to go see the old MC for an emergency session. She tells me after the session has ended that we are no longer together..the MC agrees with her!?!?….for me to go to my parents home alone. For 2 months we are separated. I only see her once during that time. I even get a kiss from her. Its during this separation period that I learn that she has visited the OM several times even on Valentines day night…(which is incidently the day I proposed years before). One day I tried getting in contact with her, but her mother told me she was gone to eat dinner. (her mom knew what was going on but didnt care at all). I finally found out where he lived & went over to find it. I found her car there too. After not having contact with her for 2 weeks she finally contacts me, wanting to know how we are going to split the tax return, since tax time was approaching. I was so mad with her acting as if nothing was wrong. I was fed up with it…so I filed on her. She had to file her own taxes by herself…she owed over $100. 🙂 The D became final a week before what would have been our 6th wedding anniversary. (hope it made her sad) I found out that a month after the D was final, she had moved in with Brian, her guy friend that I suspected all along, & co-signed a mortgage for land/property with him. They are now currently living together in a small rural town close to where his family is from…which is 40 miles away from our small town. They both work as [b]Walton County Sherriffs deputys[/b] in the panhandle of Florida. She couldnt move 80 miles to be with me while married, but could move 40 miles to live with someone. This Brian guy just has a HS education (I have a Masters degree), he was once marrried at 21 to a woman several years older than he was, he smokes (xWW & I don’t) he failed his certification to become a law enforcement officer (so he really isnt a real deputy…my xWW passed the 1st time), Ive heard that he didnt pass it the 2nd time either, they live in a small rural town that has nothing to do for fun (I live in the city with lots of stuff to do),he likes hunting, trucking & being a redneck (I dont) he’s dated/lived with several single moms over the years….a basic dumb loser. It is so weird. Why would she do this. I suppose he is more fun to be around. Basically, she got bored with me. I think that is really what it is all about. OR maybe she had some sort of internal struggle about who she was. Who knows… Hopefully he will cheat on her so that she will feel the same hurt, sadness, betrayal that she gave to me. Hope you two sacks of sh*t have a terrible life together. How can you ever trust each other….hahaha you can’t f*ck you b*tch Wendy & you too Brian..you dumb f*cker

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