Tracy Newman — Weatherford, Tampa, Florida

I met Tracy on OKCupid and she made it clear that she was single for 2 years before we met, but as the days would proceed on, it was found out that she was in a relationship with a guy named Mark and he was already married. He was an idiot who wanted Tracy to have s*x with other men while they were together and I was starting to understand this new world. Tracy would show me pics on her phone of her bare bottom being purple from being and she said it was a turn on. She also had pics of her and Mark with other men and admitted a black man was deep in her bottom and it turned Mark on. She was revealing something that I was starting to be scared of, but when I had a problem with it, she got mad. She would block me, call her ex lover and another lover named Ryan. Her world is dark, scary and gruesome and if you aren’t careful, she will suck you in. She is a liar, a game player and will manipulate you into believing she is good for you. She cries a-lot, she makes up stories and she made it clear that her ex was contacting her to make me jealous. When she was with me, i caught her on her phone talking to other men and it was clear she was seeing another man behind my back. She is a cheater and deserves nothing in life. She is afraid her daughter Nicole will find out about her s*x escapades and that’s a shame she always kept me a secret. Tracy is a liar who only thinks of herself and I warn any man or her friends who she really is. I thought I had found a gorgeous angel who was sent to me from G*d, but what I got was an Evil person who took advantage of my kindness and turned it against me. She would continue to try and hurt me and she made me believe that i was nothing….I hope I never see this person again.

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