Tony Scott – Orlando, Florida

Man is a real psychopath …not using the term loosely please read up the definition of psychopath this man fits it to a tee. Not only a psycho but a pathelogical liar, cheater. Believes in his lies and won’t blink as he telling you. The scumbag has the nerve to promise you marriage and a happy life but at the same time decides to go out there and date many other females. His target, those that are vulnerable, and have low self esteem. Especially white women who have money to support his sorry a*s. He dated this woman who was diagnosed with Cancer while he was still with me. I found out about her because the dumbass left his cell phone behind when he came for a “booty call”. Of course I went into the phone and noticed a text message from this woman. I decided to call her and we hooked up and she thanked me profusely for calling her. She had suspected that this a*s wipe had been seeing other women. Well to make a long story short this man who comes across as sweet, kind and caring had bilked over $7000 of this womans money. She helped him with opening up his Mortgage company as well as buying him a highend laptop with all of the accessories. This mother f&&cker; had the nerve to brag to me about the laptop which he brought to my house to see. He also had her put her personal bank account to his bank at the time he worked for Wachovia. So he was able to monitor her money slime ball! He used her big time …before she died she was so hurt that he didn’t return the laptop in which she needed to p**n to pay her bills. She eventually died… He is pathetic slime ball and doesn’t deserve to be with anyone.

The minute I confronted him of his indescretions he would call me non stop to apologize then offer marriage and a ring which he never produced. I want to warn any lady that lives in the Orlando area to please watch out for him. This man has no HEART he cares for NO ONE not even his Girls. He lives at home with his parents, he actually had the parents sign over the house to him which now makes him the owner of the house… He will con even his own family and they are just oblivious to this…they think he’s SO SPECIAL…. the whole family is dysfunctional. A brother who’s constantly in and out of prison. He is a thug covering up as a smart businessman. Don’t let yourself be fooled by this a*s…He would always call me the ‘psycho” but his a*s always got caught. The only right thing to do ladies is to run the other way if he approaches you. He is DANGEROUS and will never Commit…He will always have someone to keep him busy so if he promises you the world dont fall for it unless you’re ready to live a life of lies and disillusionment. He never is consistent he’s a scared little boy who doesn’t respect women.

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  1. Tony robbed another tourist by telling her he was a male dancer and took a deposit for a little striptease act in her hotel room. She was waiting for hours before she went back to the bar looking for him and her deposit. They were both gone. Tony was with his best friend and fellow scammer, Roberto, they were getting drunk and working up to a game they both enjoy. They call it “Hide The Pickle.”

  2. He’s all smiles, like he just saw a teenager in a speedo. Tony wants to scam boys and girls and women and children and he votes independent of orientation but please spell his name right if you make the check out to him.

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