Talia Brex — West Palm Beach, Florida

Talia Brex was having s*x with my boyfriend, and then I found out it wasn’t only him but she’s been doing this to a lot of girls (friends) that I know of. Don’t let her fool you! She will act like your friend & have s*x with your boyfriend… she is not innocent! All you girls better watch your boyfriend! She’s a HOMEWRECKER FROM H**L!!

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  1. Talia has no intention of wrecking any homes, she”s an opportunist who wants them to leave satisfied and go the f**k home and become regulars. It’s called a girlfriend experience, and they pay to play her game. She didn’t create the game, she just plays it well. Sadly, the thrill is gone. She makes more than 10 times what other girls she knows make, but needs pepsi to keep faking the smile and moans. The cost of doing business keeps going up, up-up, and she needs to but panties every other day. She doesn’t do laundry and boys keep spunking all over them before they can get it in. She doesn’t want to go shopping but maybe some pepsi will brighten her mood….

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