Shannon Yacobucci — Miami, Florida

These girls are known for using people. Acting like they’re at work 24/7, They use every guy for money and will show interest in you as long as you buy them something or take them somewhere. They both use any man that will spend money on them. They still come back to CLE to dance from what I’ve heard so I guess they aren’t hott enough to make money in Miami 😂. Shannon says she’s a “real estate agent” in Florida but does nothing with it. Talk about insecure girls who need men to support them. They’re both shady friends that will talk behind your back 24/7. When in reality they’re both immature girls with nothing to offer other than drama, and to use you.

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  1. She want you buy her toy for when you work 24/7 trying to keep up with her. They no cost to much monies, then she show real interest! Needs packs of battries to.
    They dance with you just to see if you a spender or looking for younger prettier momma. You boys all alike, want a momma you can get with to clean, cook and tell you how you a man. Stop thinking you all that, just a bag of chips for her and battery supply.

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