Robert James Murphy – Ocala, Florida

He has 4 domestic violence injunctions, #5 won’t be too long from now I’m sure, he’s been to prison 3 times for fraud, he’s a creepy stalker, will blow up ur phone in texts and calls if u don’t answer after 5 mins, he will even call from an unknown # thinking u will answer & u kno it’s him cuz he calls 5 times or more, has bi polar, he’s a sociopath narcissist, he’s a junkie low life loser, scumbag b*****d who’s also a cheater, a very bad father, used drugs in front of his 2 oldest kids, doesn’t like to pay child support he’s just a poor excuse of a man

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  1. Robert James Murphy – Ocala, Florida was in the youth choir as a tween. He raced soapbox derby cars and was in the brownies too. He traded football cards and taped them to the spokes of the old bicycle he rode up and down the street going vroom vroooom. How did things change so much in the last 12-years? He had only a few pimples and was kinda popular with some girls in the neighborhood. A little time passes and you see his name associated with psychos, narcissists and thugs, leading the older generation to think the world is going to h**l in a handbasket.

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