Rachel English Lawlor — Cocoa Beach, Florida

A few years back my husband became extremely close to Rachel English Lawlorwhile he was a CNA caring for her husband. My radar was completely going off but when both were confronted they lied and said they were just friends. Well a year ago my husband admitted the truth to me. He was sleeping with her while her husband was dying. She is the one that will have to struggle with the guilt. I know my husband still does. She has tried mailing him letters and accidentally liked one of my photos on Instagram. She knew he was married. How they could have done that while her husband was right in the house dying is unbelievable. It takes 2 to Tango.

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  1. It started off as witty banter a macabre sense of humour to ease the stress of the inevitable. Laughing eased the tension and they eased out of the sickroom and into the spare bedroom. It’s not like Rachel violated her marriage bed, just used him like a sedative, just needed a good pill and he popped his lid and prescribed himself. He is a good man and she is grateful. Slap him, go to therapy and move on, he loves you.

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