Myron Recoda Guilford – Panama City, Florida

Where do I start with this snake. He is a charmer, a manipulator and pathological liar. He cannot stay faithful to one woman. He likes to run the gambit on women; any age, any size and color. He does not care what you look like, he will sleep with you and pass on whatever he has then make up things like he contracted MRSA. He believes his lies, he will make you out to be the one that is crazy. He tells stories about all of his ex’s, his ex-wife made him stop drinking, which is impossible because he is an alcoholic, she made him nd G*d, she was controlling and abusive. All of which is not true, he is the controlling, abusive one. He will use women to take him on vacations. He will proclaim that he does not want you to pay for things but when it comes down to paying you always get stuck with the bill. He will use the excuse that he is going to see relatives in a remote location as an excuse to avoid you for a weekend while he galiivants o to a weekend with another woman. He had 4 women in one weekend believing he was on a shing trip when in reality he was really with another woman out of town. He will spend hours on the phone, texting all of these women, yet when he is pmsing he will not return calls. They always says do not trust a man that is on the phone when he is with you, yet takes hours to call you back. Ladies, run away from this man. He will break you down and break your heart. He does not know how to love anyone but himself. He does not even care about his own children. He is mentally abusive and a womanizer.

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