Michael Flint – Clearwater, Florida

This man will tell you he has all this money. He will ask you to buy things or he will take you out and expect you to pay and will forget his wallet. He will offer travel benefits and sell you dreams and tell you everything you want to hear. You will eventually invest more than him and when his he done robbing you of everything and I mean everything he will disappear. Don’t be fooled he will be charming but not for long. He’s out for blood. He will break you and leave your head spinning. Beware.

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  1. None of that is true. That’s my ex saying those things because we broke up when I found out she was seeing our neighbor when I was at work. She took all my furniture and my big screen tv. That hurt the most. She left our dog and cat. If there is anyone out there who could help me out, I’d be grateful. I need money for furniture a bigger screen tv, just to show her, and my cat and dog are out of food. Please send me as much as you can afford. I’ll pay you back as soon as I can, I promise. Please help me out. Only send cash because I lost my license and can’t cash checks at this time. I lost my Visa card to.

  2. After Michael married us (He has a side hustle, he’s an internet preacher) he offered to treat our group of eight to a lobster dinner. We didn’t expect this but reluctantly agreed. We packed into a local Red Lobster and enjoyed a great meal and several rounds of drinks. When the check came around Michael was nowhere to be seen. After everyone chipped in to cover the tab and we were leaving the restaurant, up pops Michael saying he was sorry, he had forgotten his wallet and was on the phone to his wife to see if he had left it in the pants he was wearing prior to dressing for the ceremony. Apology accepted. He asked for the $200 fee for the wedding and I told him I would send him the check. Don’t think I will.

  3. He’s traveling with several womens’ benefits at any given time. It’s amazing how he keeps all the bullshit straight. One way is to call them all baby, no need to remember their name when his plan is to hit it and quit it. Another thing that helps is to be related to the boss, for job security, should he hit a “dry spell.” And, he doesn’t give a f**k, he actually has disdain for women, thinking most are stupid and gullible. The charm comes naturally to him, he used to sell used cars on the poor side of town. Hustle meant he could eat and get a bottle of cheap wine to help him sleep at night. Sales were somewhat irregular and he learned to count on his wits to get by, which brings us up to date on this whole new scam he’s got going.

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