Madeleine Kayle Sturm — Davie, Florida

In 2012 I became pregnant with a beautiful baby with a man named John Marley Hernandez. Madeleine Kayle Sturm (Maddy) was one of my best friends until she and John started dating behind my back. He promised to save money for the baby with what little work he did but instead spent it all on his girlfriend. We still haven’t even seen a penny from him as he dodges child support by working under the table jobs that don’t get taxes. ANYWHO. Maddy had known John and I were together and pregnant. She even had her own boyfriend that she cheated on with John who did everything to take care of her until she broke his heart/trust, too. I found out they were dating each other behind my back a few days before Mother’s day 2012- 3 months before baby was due. I don’t know what they did for sure other than date and kiss, but I do know that she is moral-less scum who doesn’t mind sinking her cold clammy hands into your relationship. If you trust your significant other, this isn’t for you to worry about. However If you’re worried they may stray, STAY AWAY FROM THIS INSECURE TRAIN WRECK IN DAVIE FLORIDA!!! Best of luck. And if Maddy reads this: is your baby John’s too? How’s child support coming?

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  1. Madeleine K Sturm is friends with Stephanie Cavrudatz, of Miami, FL. (she’s posted on this site, as well) These two went to school together, majored in Sexology, minored in Ho Business, and Stephanie graduated C*M LOUDER. Madeleine is still her bestie after all these years, even though they only see each other a few times a year, and will hop a plane lightning quick for an orgy or a dog show.

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