Lindsay Donahue — West Palm Beach, Florida

Pass the drd’s… Lindsay Donahue is actively sleeping with married men and their wives are finding out just how dirty this b***h is when they start itching and oozing and have to see their doctor. She’s a sugar s**t preying on men in West Palm Beach, Florida, formerly from Atlanta, Georgia, where she infected half the city with her diseases that they can’t get rid of til death.

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  1. She keep on the move to avoid prosecution for attempted murder. She was spotted around a nursing home trying to entice old geezers to change their will, and her in as a basket case.

  2. Is this for real? My soon to be ex husband just began following her on his instagram page. Whats funny is..he’ll make it out to be like he has a lot of money, in order to get all these women, but he doesn’t. Does she really have an STD?

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