Kaitlyn A – Miami, Florida

This girl thinks she’s g*d’s gift to men that she has resorted to selling pics. She’s hot but ruined her body with tats and plans to get 75% of her body cover by the end of 2019. She’s asking anywhere from $5 to $75 a month.

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  1. Rosita was waxing her eyebrows the other day and reading all the hate mail she gets after being on t.v. show Maury Povits. This was years ago but she was on there for taking 129 womens’ boyfriend or husband on a virtual tour of her crib. What the angry women are most upset about is that she gave the tour in 9 different bathing suits and, if the man used his credit card, Rosita would let them watch her change. The tour went smoothly and she made good profit. But she didn’t know almost two thirds of the men and women who tuned in for the show were in a relationship. She now uses an app calle HunScreen to prevent a repeat, but still gets angry mail in her box.

  2. Erica walked in on a threesome at an after party and quickly left the room before someone could ask her to join in. She briefly locked eyes with a coworkers wife who was getting tag teamed by a couple of trannys. The wife got nervous and tried to holler at Erica. Since then she’s been dishing dirt and lies about Erica, thinking that she didn’t really get scene like that and deflecting should it be found out that she was being curious.

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