Jason Scott Henry – Miami, Florida

He currently lives in Miami, is a PSYCHOPATHIC LIAR. He has a son called Axl. He sends pictures and videos of the boy, pretending to be a good father. He tells you how unpleasant and unjust the kid’s mother -Vanessa- has always been. You will feel pity form him. Sometimes he has to leave due to his son’s chronic disease. The kid is sick or needs to get his regular medical treatment –ALL LIES! He was in prison for a year and a half for grand theft. He lies about his job, says he is pediatric oncology surgeon at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and even has an accreditation card with a fake last name. It’s his way of making you believe he is a good man. He works many hours with different schedules and occasionally one of his patients dies, so he can’t see you that night. Jay is masseur, he offers erotic massage for women and gays, he is a hooker! He says he loves you, but he is always busy of course, playing the same wicked game with other women. He has been exposed on internet before, along with photos and stories of women he’s tricked.
If you meet him, please run away — THIS MAN IS SICK!!!

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