Jason Hermes — Sterling Heights, Michigan

Jason Hermes as he himself will tell you is the greatest liar. Here are some actual FACTS about Jason Hermes. He does not wash his hands at all after using the bathroom nor after he reaches down his pants’ to move his p***s around which he does constantly. Jason Hermes from 2008 to 2011 worked for cash under the table by painting houses other handyman work, and was paid in cash for his performances with Lu** all while collecting unemployment from Florida Department of Labor/ Unemployment Benefits. He did not report these earnings to Unemployment, his tax preparer, as well as the Internal Revenue Service – bank statements don’t lie especially when they don’t match your tax returns. (NOTE: this has been reported to the proper authorities) . He will take everything he can get from you – your love, your blood sweat, & tears and your money all while lying to you so sincerely telling you and his family how much he loves you and you’re the most important person in his life and he’s going to marry you and you’ll start a family. He will take and expect everything from you but he will never give you the same. When he doesn’t get his way or what he wants from you he behaves worse than a child. He will say the meanest things you to (which he takes pride in) yet he can’t take criticism and the truth himself. He will also never ask for help from or inconvenience his so called new friends his bandmates from LunaRex. He will lie to you and tell you one thing and say something totally different to his sponsor & sponsees, his mother and his so called friends – he will make you out to them to be the BADor BORING PERSON who makes him unhappy when it’s really him. He hates people with disabilities or limitations that interfered with what he wants. He will tell you he’s all about being a good sober person, but in truth, he’s all about partying with his bandmates and HOT CHICKS. He also has stated he’s the only real musician and talent in that band

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  1. Jason d**k is on the short size and he like to touch it and make it poke out in front of his pants. He always look to see if girls notice his poke in his pants. He been dumped for all kinds of reasons by girls he dates, the nice ones don’t say he is a lousy f**k, they tell him something else. He mkae some girls feel funny when he always play with hisself in public.

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