Jamila Suhweil — Pensacola, Florida

I have been debating for months to expose a girl I once dated who flat out played me. I had kept my position as a facebook friend with her but my bitterness has only grown. She is well known for her criminal past in these parts but in the online world she misleads people. Most recently the guy she was “in a relationship with” I had been telling him the entire time she was playing him. How do I know? Well I am a guy she went out with while they were talking. She told me he was just an online friend that was up until I saw him with her on facebook and they had posted their relationship status. That lasted a week or so. She came back here and I took her out again. When I asked her she said he was delusional and it was nothing. So like a sucker I believed her again. I decided to contact with this guy and he opened up to me and told me he had givin up allot just to be with her. He expected them to start a life together little did he know she has always been on and off with her child’s father. This guy is a real winner with a very long criminal history. He had been serving a two year prison term the time she met this guy online and also when I met her. It turns out she also has a criminal past. She goes by the name Emily but her real name Jamila is her baby daddy has it tattooed on his arm. He is out of prison now and they are both playing the same game. He dates other people while they are always going to be together. Call it swinging or just an open relationship there is no way to paint a different picture.

So I say this to anyone that meets her. Do your homework on her do a background check and don’t believe what stories they tell you. Stick with the facts they are shady and it is highly doubtful either one of them will ever change.

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