James Allen Lee — Crystal River, Florida

Check this out, James needs a new woman, he beat the other one real bad and held her hostage because someone asked her out. He thought she was his property and beat her down for getting asked on a date. He’s psycho and she was afraid to let anyone know she knew him after so many beatings, and she didn’t want anyone to come around and see her get humiliated. He was accused of beating a little D**k before he met her. She kind of remembered what normal was like. She stuck around for the girls but is happy he’s gone. Now she believes he will be looking for a b***h in jail, someone to smack and f**k whenever he wants. He loves his property and it’s him, he’ll beat it when he wants. Once a beater, always a beater. He’s a beater! The funny thing is you would never guess he likes to wear women’s’ underwear. His favorite is purple and red, the color of bruises.

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