Ivana Maria Horna – Orlando

This b***h is a wack job, She is upset with the devil and says he is her life partner. Wow, she is so scary you have to watch your back about her and her deal side. This psycho even loves bullying and harassing people into doing whatever she and her devil say. This c**t even started a Holocaust, She is very scary in every possible way you can think of watching your backs, please. You go around her and you will not be seen or heard from again, She will have her devil make you vanish without a trace. Ivana sorry honey but the way you are living your life, The path you are heading down is very dangerous honey you need to slow your roll Ivana.

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  1. Ivana had a b**b job and the results were pretty good. There’s a big scar but she gets lots more attention and her cheating has hit an all time high. Ivana is Russian for tramp.

  2. She’s a terrible f**k and sucks d**k with half her mouth, very little tongue. She should supply the condoms and give money back guarantees when the b*****b gets sidetracked by other cheaters ringing in for today’s d**k discounts.

  3. Ivana got a double dose of anesthesia when she got her boobies worked on and hasn’t been the same since she came out of recovery room. Her devil went shopping with her and she picked out some flattering dresses for herself and some lacy thong panties for her devil. Her devil is a closet homosexual who acts tough and likes to shop with Ivana, she picks out the freakiest f*g dragwear.

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