Hailey Bruce – Daytona Beach, Florida

This nasty f*****g s***k takes creepshots of innocent people and posts them on Facebook to mock their appearance! She has slept around with numerous men, including while she was in a relationship. She’s been pulling this s**t since high school, BEWARE.

It’s not so funny when it’s YOUR pictures posted all over the Internet, now is it, Hailey?

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  1. She obviously has a capricious sense of humor, see her mocking herself with the photo-shopped gold toof. And the BB shot onto her nose. She’s laughing at herself so the whole world can laugh with her. Since, obviously, she’s not sleeping with the poster of this report, she’s laughing at him as well. Laughing and sleping around will work wonders for your outlook on life. F**k it, have fun and f**k it again, you only live twice – or is it three times..?
    The late great Robin Williams said: Joke em if they can’t take a f**k!

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