Dyma Tera Loving – Homestead, Florida

Dyma is a pathological liar. She lived in my house for over two years without paying rent. At first, she was unemployed and promised to get a job to start helping with the bills. After she did find a job all I asked was for $500 a month to help offset some of the bills she made increase at my home. I was told she had other bills to take care of that were more important and once she got them caught up she would pay me. Long story short… She couldn’t hold a steady job and even when she did she would always have an excuse why she couldn’t pay me. I came home one day and she had told me that she had bought me new kitchen appliances to make up for the year and a half she hadn’t paid rent. I thought that was very sweet of her until I realized that she had taken out a loan to buy the appliances and then tells me she didn’t have enough money to pay the monthly payments. So now I was stuck with yet another bill I was forced to pay because of her. I finally said enough is enough and she had to go. I even helped her move her stuff out back to her parent’s house. About six months later I get a knock at my door. It was Dyma crying and begging me to help her. She had gotten kicked out of her parent’s house again and said she had nowhere else to go. Me being a nice guy I said she could stay on my couch for a few days until she found somewhere else to go. Well, a few days turned into a few weeks and it was the same as before. She would never help with anything around the house. I told her she had to go, again. She gathered her stuff and moved back into her parent’s house. Come to find out she had gotten knocked up by one of the many guys she was sleeping with at the time. I hadn’t had s*x with her in months and while she was pregnant she told me that she knew I wasn’t the father because we hadn’t had s*x. After the baby was born she started telling people that her baby was mine and I didn’t want anything to do with either of them. I told her I would take a paternity test and she refused because she knew that when it came back she would have to face the embarrassing task of finding out who the cater was out of the slew of men she had been sleeping with. She still is lying saying her baby is mine and I have said numerous times I would get a paternity test to prove to everyone that I am not a deadbeat dad. I forgot to add that after I had kicked her out for the second time I had gotten into a bad accident and couldn’t take care of my dogs. She told me for all that I did for her she would take care of my dogs while I was getting back on my feet. Well, the time came when I was able to get my dogs back and she refused to give them back to me. I told her I was going to go to the police to file theft charges if she didn’t return them. She then went to the police and lied to them saying she thought I was going to harm myself or someone else and that I had guns in my house. (Her girlfriend Adrianna Green is a cop caller and she must have known that if someone reports that the police must show up and take you to the hospital to get evaluated) I show up to my house and there are 3 cop cars and an ambulance in my driveway. The police told me that she had reported I was going to harm myself and they forced me to get evaluated, which I had to pay for. She still won’t give me my dogs back and she is cheating on her new man.

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  1. I used to see this b***h walking the dogs and she said she was being forced to move and was trying to sell the dogs to a good home. When she wasn’t with the dogs cars were pulling to the curb all the time and I suspected she was just another prostitute selling her a*s to anyone that would pick her up. She got into a lot of strange cars and was always dressed like a hooker. I used to avoid her because she was always trying to borrow money and get rides for her and her friend. I thought she moved but she still walking the streets.

    1. Lol all you low life lying idiots are scum. Absolutely none of this is true and I find it hysterical that yall took the time to imagine ever having the pleasure of even being in my presence. I have lived in the same house for over 8 years all 3 of my kids have the same dad who he is very sure they are his since we live together and as for any dogs or rent ever due to anyone thats complete horse s**t i have one dog that I’ve had since he was born 2 years ago so thanks for the publicity haters. With all my Loving love,

      Dyma Loving

    2. Lol wtf i have my own car i only went with out a car for 4 months and you have never seen me walking any d**n dogs i dont even walk my own. You both are crazy and sick in the head. Thanks for this i will be submitting all this to my lawyers in charge of my case.

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