Deanna Michelle Brown – Florida

Deanna Michelle Brown (dob 2/10/1982) of Seminole and Volusia Counties Florida (she moves around a lot because people keep throwing her out when she burns them out) is treacherous because she is a ceaseless liar, conniving manipulator, serial user, a convicted thief, a s*x worker, a habitual drug user. and a home wrecker. She has not an ounce of respect for any other person, especially if their significant other or husband can somehow benefit her, she will go in for the kill no matter whether she may be hurting and destroying a family. She refuses to grow up and take any responsibility for herself which shows in her numerous arrests over many, many years for theft , battery and drugs and she’s fine with having someone else take over her duties as a mother for raising her own child. She doesn’t want any responsibility to care for another person, She doesn’t want to work for a living. She wants everyone obligated to take care of her. What she does want is someone who she can sucker into supporting her party life, be a financial crutch, bail her out of jail, run her around so she can shoplift and steal, and pay her bills. Men beware! If you don’t want to get involved in a tangled web of misery, don’t think this package is a free ride. She is a tramp of all tramps.

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  1. All she does is cheat and con people. Deanna Brown is a user of people to move them to give her wants she wants or to do what shes wants them to do. Her thoughts are evil and always about how to get over on someone. She desires nothing good for anyone else.

  2. Deanna Michelle Brown (2/10/1982) from the Sanford, Winter Springs, FL area should have her name placed on the top of this board. She has rained misery on Central Florida with all her home wrecking, cheating, lying, robbing, conning and conniving.

  3. Not even sure if Deanna can stand upright any more because she has been bending down doing so many men its downright ridiculous. No wonder she is aging so fast with the way she is living. She thinks caking on layer after layer of makeup is somehow hiding all her meth picking, shes mistaken. Her rum nose from all her drinking is showing as well. Her crack body is telling on her. And her brain is definitely missing a few cells these days because she is burning herself out.

  4. Deanna Brown is still up to her old game of playing a victim of circumstance. Until everyone is warned about her con, I guess she will keep up her operation of milking some poor sap. She is a user and a manipulator. She is a liar and a con artist period. Don’t get taken by this hustler.

  5. Watch out folks for Deanna Brown who hasnt a penny to her name, has made nothing out of her life, has a whole lot of criminal, drug, assault and thefts issues, and looks like h**l, is out to make you responsible for the sick mess she has created of her life.

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