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David Fox lives in Lake Worth Fl and has lived in BocaRaton Fla. He was born in 1952. He cheated on me with his coworker..Debra Angley at his work. They worked at US Foods in Boca Raton Fla. I answered my husbands phone when it rang..I said nothing. Debra said I miss you..where are you..etc. I said..this is Julie, his wife. She said wrong # and hung up on me. I was devastated. 10 years. together. I am a strong intelligent woman. I did not know.He denied it and said she was a frizzy hared old lady with a bad figure and yellowing skin. I checked the phone bills. They had an affair for a long time. I also hired a P.I. He still denied it.Getting divorced now. He began stalking me. He was arrested twice for that. Then I found out about his rap sheet. Yep. The whole ten years was a lie. Public record states a couple of his aliases..but there are many. Spend the 25 bucks at your local police dept for a background check.He has told people he may move to NC or back to NY. Has a sister that lives in BarefootBay and winters in upstate NY. Will save you from a broken heart….and dating a criminal if you think it is him…have him checked with a background check. He used to be attractive…but not anymore. He is 6′ 2. Gray hair..not much left. Think he dyes it back. Mustache. Dyes it too. Large tatto on leg/ thigh of a fish. He had my initial..J..a wedding band tattoo. 250- 300 lbs. He is hefty..but sometimes he can go down a little with his weight. He likes to wear hats…nice ones. Tommy Bahama shirts. Raloh Lauren.He is a liar. Has 3 kids. He speaks to none of them.

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