Brooke Kaili Rosa is a fraudster

I went to Michigan state with Brooke we met through my sorority sister and she is a fraud we would go to stores like sephora and saks and steal a bag full she is a mastermind and she left MSU because she was scamming people

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  1. Brooke didn’t steal this bathing suit. We went dumpster diving behind Saks and found that they had thrown out the complete 2017 line of bikinis to make room on the shelf for the new models. We sold them on the beach for months and can hardly wait for the inventory reduction this year. It’s great part time work while we suntan and frolic on the beach. Obviously we kept a dew of the suits for ourselves as evidenced by the picture of Brooke wearing one on the beach. An on-line store is coming soon if we score again this year.

  2. Brooke Rosa used to be so skinny that the schoolkids called her sticks. When she graduated from MSU and started earning a decent wage, she saved up her money for b**t implants. She told the doctor she just needed something she could twerk with and not to worry about any pre-surgery psychological assessment, she was ready. The implants took like butter to cream and she is amazed at how much her attitude and sense of well being have improved. She’s no longer shy about getting on the dance floor and letting things shake. She thinks it’s a great form of exercise and is recommending it to everyone. She’s also thinking about becomming a spokeperson for the medical industry, wanting to share her newfound confidence with the world.

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