Amy Rebecca – Miami, Florida

let’s start saving lives again. I met Rebecca a few times over the years, before I found JC and quit Wall Street and the drugs. Rebecca is actually a nice girl who is just lost. Modeling and bodybuilding doesn’t pay the bills so she sleeps with old men for money. Her Gram and Twitter shows a glamorous jet setting lifestyle but it’s not glamorous. It’s sad as she has to do gross things with men her father and grandfather’s age. Rebecca was hot but then she turned into an alien with fake contact lenses and looks like a man by working out too much. She’s obsessed with two things – working out and hooking. She has bad skin so don’t let her photoshop pics fool you. Not sure if it’s from taking steroids, other supplements or drds. Luckily I never caught a drd from her or any other prostitute’s “girlfriend experience”. These hos are dumber than a rock. They not only waste all their ho money on shoes/bags but they also openly brag about their illegal ho ways (mostly with other hos) on social media. They make it so easy to out themselves by using the same photos on their ho and real life social accounts. Search for Amy’s (aka Rebecca’s) social media and websites and you’ll see. Rebecca and her fellow hos also advertise on floozying and sugar daddy websites. And they even have their own official webistes! It’s crazy how there are so many young woman with lost souls. Also #thotaudit was stupid. #thotexposed is better.

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  1. Amy tells men she’s an animal and gives them a wild look that they think would be better off pushed into a pillow. They take turns roaring and within minutes its over. Whimpering comes next next and they ask her if next time they can blindfold her. She wants to act all ferocious but wants them to call her after the first date and get at least one more 2-for-1 at their expense so she usually agrees to meet them there at Taco Bell to save time. She juggles her schedule and asks if they can buy her a purse or pair of shoes to go with her new dress that she’s wearing for the date. She makes note to self: tell next guy she needs dress to go with new shoes. Life is grand and she hopes to move on up to a place with bigger closets. Another note to self: get new bus schedule and check what time outlet closes on Tuesdays

  2. Rebecca has always dated men for money or for cars or nice things in general. I remember a few months back she mentioned this Wall Street dude who was always preaching to her and trying to control her life. She said he was between her father and Grandfathers’ age and the problem was he knew she earned money through “girlfriend” experiences but wanted her to give up all that for being with just him. The problem was how uptight and miserly he was around her. He finally stopped calling her but she thought she saw him lurking around her apt. in Miami, Florida on several occasions. She still watches her back and thinks he’s a little creepy.

  3. When Amy was still in high school she worked 3 days a week as a lifeguard at the club pool. She saved the lives of 2 kids who had never had swim lessons. The local paper and parents called her a heroine, her picture was on the front page of the Herald. People told her she was brave and very photogenic. She tried modeling but the cameramen wanted he to reveal more than she was comfortable with and, if they weren’t gay wanted her for their girlfriend.
    She made 4 New Years Resolutions:
    1) Photo Bomb someone every month for the year
    2) Get back in the water, start saving lives again
    3) F**k a married man
    4) F**k an older woman than last time, one who’s not shaved

  4. Amy says she’s a hustler girl, dirty and available, and charges $30 an hour for a girlfriend experience. She thinks she should make more than a hundred dollars a day and is thinking of scheduling in more appointments and her her clients along. She’s not interested in chit chatting with them, just wants them to c*m and go

  5. Boink alert! If you’ve boinked this w***e you might want to get a check-up like I did. I had something catchy and I think I caught it from her. I get around and boink every chance I get. I usually wear protection but I wanted this girl to be my baby momma so I pulled the rubber off at the last minute and creamed in her coochie.

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